Posted by: uvahowes | October 12, 2009

Sunday in Harajuku

Hopped off the train at Harajuku on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. I figured it’d be crowded.

not too crowded

Really crowded.

Japan 054

Stopped along the street to oggle at a few strangely dressed locals that were putting on a show for the crowd. These people don’t do this for tips or change, they just seem to genuinely like being a spectacle.

Japan 019

Costumes optional. Truth be told I don’t think these people were all together with it.

Japan 018

Good to see fashion still alive and well. There were girls dressed like this literally everywhere. This is one of those areas of Tokyo where kids can come and wear whatever they want. You can tell the girls, and even some of the boys, spend a ton of time making sure their outfits look just right. Lining the streets are shops that sell gear like this. I tried to go in one but apparently it was for girls only so my friends had to let me know what it was like, haha.

Japan 051

Japan 055

Outside of the back streets Harajuku has some of the more famous foreign stores. Seen here is the popular H&M building. Most of the people on the street there are waiting to get in, some are just passing by. There is a huge Ralph Lauren store with massive columns that I want to go into one of these days. Probably out of my price range, but it would be interesting to see nonetheless. Fashion in general seems much more European than American here, but Polo still enjoys a decent market share.

doing good business

Best store mascot ever.

Japan 065


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