Posted by: uvahowes | September 19, 2009

Japanese street food pt. 1

Picked up some taiyaki this afternoon coming back from lunch. It is a pastry, generally shaped like a fish, filled with some sort of sweet paste. In my case I opted for red bean paste filling, probably the most common. For some reason this is a snack that you see pretty often in anime, so I was excited to try it out.

Almost too adorable to eat

Almost too adorable to eat

Pretty good, it’s served hot so the pastry is delicious if not a bit doughy. Japanese candies and snacks are generally less sweet than their American counterparts, so don’t expect a mouth full of sugar if you pick one up.

In other news the University screwed up my language class registration, big shocker there. For the most part my experience with Waseda has been an ongoing debacle. I have one chance left to go take a placement exam on the 25th, a test I was told on two occasions I could skip. From what I’ve been told by fellow law schoolers the test is incredibly brutal, even for those with basic language skills. Oh well, my exam will be easy to grade if nothing else, I fully expect to get a zero.



  1. Hey that’s cute! Did you get my email about the Howes scholar? Do you still check Fb?

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